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40% LESS Than Average Showroom Price For All Kitchens


40% LESS

Than Average Showroom Price For All Kitchens

What is ‘Industrial Chic’?

Industrial chic (or urban industrial as it’s sometimes called) combines utilitarian design with worn textures and the warmth of raw, aged woods. This nod to the industrial revolution is all about mixing raw materials (galvanized metal, glass, and reclaimed woods) while keeping the shapes and silhouettes relatively simple. Industrial chic is a no-nonsense style that makes use of vintage and salvaged items and is often favored by fans of “green” design. It has many things in common with the modern farmhouse style but is much edgier. When it comes to the style of your kitchen you can choose from practically anything; rustic and traditional, hyper modern or fantastically futuristic: there is nothing you can’t have. But sometimes the beauty of choice can mean you lose sight of the beauty of simplicity. Today’s industrial style kitchens could be the perfect solution to your kitchen woes and here’s why… Firstly, industrial kitchens are durable and sturdy – you won’t be looking to replace your units any time soon and the work surfaces are designed to easily deal with scratches, as well as general wear and tear. When cooking in an industrial kitchen you are given the opportunity to enjoy the process of cooking – with no need to worry about marking or staining the surfaces, or burning them with a hot pan. As a family, an industrial kitchen could be the answer to all of your prayers. Being some of the easiest surfaces to clean, these kitchens are perfect for messy children at breakfast time. No need to worry about pesky food stains, coffee rings, or even ink marks from last minute changes to homework – the industrial kitchen has been designed for a busy family.

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