The Three-Types Of Kitchens And Which One You Should Pick According To Your Eating Habits

It’s quite often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, but here at Smart Renovation we don’t think that means every kitchen has to function in the same way. When it comes to designing a home, as fit-out experts in Dubai, we believe it is important to analyse the owners eating patterns and how they interact in their kitchen. Over the years, we’ve developed a method of finding out which of the three-popular kitchen styles suit our clients, depending on their eating and cooking style:


The Carrie Bradshaw: Closed kitchen

If you’re more of a Carrie Bradshaw (who used her oven for storing jumpers) than Gordon Ramsay, then a closed kitchen is best for you. Whether your diet is strictly takeaway, or if you have help to prepare every meal, there’s no need for the kitchen to take centre stage in your living space. Having it closed means that you’re able to keep the room neat and organised, away from the area you spend most of your time in.

Plus, for someone who doesn’t use the kitchen often, having a closed kitchen means you won’t need to invest a lot of money in it and can instead use your budget to focus on the rooms you do use – like the living and bedrooms.


The social eater: Open kitchen

For those of us who love spending time in the kitchen, no matter if we’re cooking, helping with homework, or just sipping a cup of coffee, an open plan room is the best choice. And a well-thought out and designed space means that you’ll find extra space to gather and socialise with your family and friends.

Food has the power to connect and unite, but it’s a kitchen that creates flow that is really able to draw you closer – especially one that’s been designed with your family in mind. Perhaps a large island that stretches into the living room will work for long lunches, or communal working and snacking. Or glass cabinets displaying your dinnerware will act as added decoration in your living room. And you can easily create the perfect space for you with inexpensive units, it’s just about creating an area that bridges both your living environments.


The chef: Wet kitchen

Do you often find the smells of your latest culinary creation in the kitchen wafting around the house? Or, do you limit yourself to the amount of onion and garlic you use when you know guests are coming over soon? If so, a separate wet kitchen is the ideal solution for you. A wet kitchen is a second kitchen in the house which you can use for the heavy-duty cooking, away from the ‘dry’ kitchen where you can entertain and prepare snacks.

The wet kitchen is a popular choice in the Middle East, as often families will have their own chef but still want a separate kitchen in which they can entertain, away from the culinary activity. Having two independent spaces means serious cooking and relaxing over drinks can occur simultaneously, so your dinner parties can go off without a sniff!