How ‘Take-Out Culture’ Has Changed The Way We Design Kitchens

Why convenience food is shaping the future of kitchen design

Whether you want a single cup of coffee, a lunchtime salad, or an entire three-course meal, you can get it delivered to your door with very little effort. And adding to our convenience leaning eating habits, the pandemic saw an increase in ordering food via apps and a decrease in weekly food shopping.


As a result of our modern dining habits, the way we use our kitchens has changed, and there’s no sign of this adaptation slowing down in years to come. In fact, interior design experts have suggested that in 10 years-time several apartments won’t even have a kitchen, relying on just a microwave and hob to heat up deliveries. But where does this leave the future of kitchen design?


Here at Smart Renovations, we think we’re on the cusp of some extreme trends where the kitchen is concerned. Serial take-out buyers will end up prioritising their living areas over the kitchen and therefore will want the kitchen to take up as little space as possible; think Carrie Bradshaw storing her jumpers in the oven!


While those who love to cook are going to be investing in the heart of their home. Wet and gourmet kitchens have been rising in popularity among the food-savvy and this is set to continue. As designers, we’re seeing a demand for professional looking kitchens that are ready to entertain guests.