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40% LESS Than Average Showroom Price For All Kitchens


40% LESS

Than Average Showroom Price For All Kitchens

Key Features

Our Specializations and Key Features

At Smart Kitchens, we bridge the gap between sophisticated style and high functionality. We bring your Italian kitchen designs at the right price.



Civil Job100%

Hassle Free100%

Project Management100%

Ready To Be Delivered
From Italy

All the kitchen designs are specifically imported from the factory in Italy on the confirmation of the layout and design. Our final product is of assured quality and will be used for your complete kitchen makeover.

We Take Care Of Everything
From Start To Finish

Our projects are an end-to-end process. We take care of everything required for your kitchen renovation, from removing your old kitchen settings, preparing the space, fitting in the new kitchen, and post-installation assistance before the handover.

A Single Point Of

Each kitchen project will be coordinated and run by a project manager from start to finish. We assure that they will be your single point of contact throughout the project period. You can communicate your requirements and check with them at all times.

Job Done In Just
2 Weeks*

All our kitchen renovation projects are generally completed in a span of 2 to 6 weeks depending upon the time needed for creating the kitchen. In case of very specific and unique designs, it may take a while to make it right and perfect before the delivery.

Kitchen Walls, Floors, Lighting & Plumbing

Counter Tops

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Quality Italian Design Ready To Be Set Up In Just 2 Weeks*

*Based On Stock Availability
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