Latest Kitchen Design Trends 2020

From navy blue cabinetry to brushed brass taps, 2019 had its share of new trends; but which are still hot and which need to be dropped? And what are the new trends emerging through 2020?

As more people are choosing to stay put and improve their homes rather than move, and the options for customisation are growing ever more expansive, people are going for more daring and bespoke kitchen styles to reflect their individuality, resulting in some surprising and bold new design innovations!


Pastel Shades

Growing in popularity since last year, the trend towards feminine and pretty colour schemes is sure to be big in 2020. Pastels are a stylish and friendly alternative to a pure white kitchen, whilst still maintaining the seamless look of a minimalist finish, and injecting warmth and personality to your room at the same time.


Gold, Copper & Brass Accents

These versatile metals add luxury, warmth and class to any style of kitchen. They are being used most often for small fixtures, such as switches, taps or cabinet handles, as more homeowners try to find alternatives to the more commonplace stainless steel and chrome.


Open Shelving, Hanging Rails & Backsplash Shelves

Open, exposed shelving has been a growing trend for a few years now with homeowners able to make a statement in their kitchen by adding their own personality with small accessories and even deluxe food items placed on shelves. Metal shelving in particular is becoming increasingly popular, as it gives style and attitude and complements the new industrial look very well. As we’re seeing fewer kitchens with traditional upper cabinets, statement backsplashes are on the rise. Specifically, stone backsplashes with a narrow ledge or shelf are having a moment – and will only continue to grow in popularity in 2020.


Statement Flooring

In addition to the growing trend for more diverse wall tiles, we are seeing more and more patterned porcelain, ceramic and vinyl floor tiles being used to create statement flooring in the kitchen. Geometric tiles can really complement a shaker style kitchen, adding a timeless and classic beauty to the room. 


Natural Materials And Textures & More Greenery

The home renovation trend for going smarter and greener has manifested itself in the kitchen, in the form of eco-features and natural materials. More people are looking for sustainable, locally sourced materials, and we are seeing a surge in woods and wooden textures in the kitchen. People are pairing these with metals such as copper, and exposed or painted brickwork, for a very rustic and natural look. We are also seeing more greenery in the kitchen, predominantly succulents, hanging ivy, and herb walls.

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