Smart Kitchens’ Top 10 Tips: How to create a Stylish Kitchen

1 Cabinetry Designs

For the authentic traditional look, a Country style range is perfect with detailed cabinetry. A framed Shaker style is super versatile and is a popular in classic and new homes. 

2 Colour Tones

Fresh earthy tones are perfect for Country style kitchen colour palletes. However, the new-look for traditional kitchens has seen a pop of deep or retro playful colours such as cute Cotton Candy or classy Blueberry matt.

3 Mixing Materials

By mixing chunky real timber worktops with stunning Quartz is a winning combo for a traditional yet modern take. It creates practical zones for seating arrangements or even work spaces.

4 Open Dressers

Display your personality by showcasing your vintage glasses and pretty plates to create that nostalgic feel. We can create any bespoke features for you such as country dressers, open shelving or open-end islands.

5 Feature Sinks & Taps

Think decorative brass or copper taps combined with a traditional sink or if you’re going for a more contemporary look opt for a black sink! Make your sink a focal point by facing it towards your stunning views.

6 Quirky Handles

Showcase your personality by choosing stylish rustic handles – don’t got for one style, choose a couple that offer a real rustic look.

7 Traditional Appliances

If you’re lucky enough to have period charm in your home be sure to show it off, if not a beautiful natural lintel is a great addition above your cooker to create a real feature. If it’s an alcove, add some traditional tiling too with a stunning Rangemaster – for a modern twist choose the jet black Rangemaster Infusion with an induction hob!

8 Statement Flooring

We’re in love with statement flooring… vintage parquet and huge slate tiles are great for a country look, however for a twist why not add some funky designer lino or reclaimed tiles for that stand-out look. Herringbone flooring (and tiling!) is making a comeback and we can see why – it offers a real retro look, perfect for a traditional kitchen.

9 Cook’s Table

An elegant cook’s table sits perfectly at the end of a feature island creating a neat workstation for specific tasks. There’s space below to keep all the tools you need within reach. For that country charming look opt for a solid wood butcher block – perfect for keen chefs!

10 Make a Splash

And the final piece of advice for your perfect country charmer is to extend a splashback by your oven or sink. Go for natural tones with classic veining patterns that mimic elegant marble or granite or continue your metallic theme with a stunning gold feature wall.